IoT Application Operation (Mandarin Speaker)

Location Kuala Lumpur
Job reference 167297
Salary 8000.0
Consultant name Jeyalakshmi Santhanam
Consultant email [email protected]
Consultant contact no 03-20870000

IoT Application Operation (Mandarin Speaker)

Salary: RM8,000
Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm    
Location: Menara Exchange, Kuala Lumpur

Application Deployment Management - Develop and deploy software solutions to process and manipulate IoT data in the cloud for different vendor platforms across vertical industries.

  • Be responsible for the construction and deployment of various application platforms under the system platform Management and maintenance Monitoring and version release.

  • Establish and improve the monitoring system and the application log System and other multi-dimensional realization of alarm and early warning to ensure business stability Continuous operation

  • Be responsible for the promotion of operation and maintenance automation, realize automation and manage all service configurations Service release Monitoring, etc    


  • 2+ years of operations experience. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with clients (Direct troubleshooting, reporting, process management, requirements communication)

  • Familiarity with Linux.

  • Familiarity with nginx configuration.

  • At least 1 year operations experience of Microservice.

  • General acquaintance of mysql/redis/hdfs/hive/spark/yarn/mongo/Hbase/Redis/Kafka/ Zookeeper/postgre (50% meeting these skills is acceptable)

  • Familiarity with K8s and Docker container.

  • Highly skilled in network performance optimizing, hardware troubleshooting and continuous learning.

  • Equip with Mandarin and English.

  • Proficient in MYSQL (as an administrator, deployment / backup / troubleshooting / performance optimization) will be preferred.

  • Be expertized in Python, Bash, or Ansible.

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