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The Impact of Digital Workforce Transformation

03 January 2020
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Digitization and automation are forcing businesses to innovate and transform the way they work. Organizations don’t always know the skills they will need now and in the future as new skills emerge and others become obsolete.

Those companies that are slow to bring in digital age savvy leaders are also slow to create an environment where they can operate, innovate and thrive in the new dynamics of the digital age.

To achieve and continuously develop a Digital Workforce Transformation (DWT), organizations must create a culture that embraces innovation and embeds continuous change capabilities that accelerate and sustain their digital transformation, maximizing their short and longer term ROI.

To understand the impact of digital transformation, employees should trust their leaders that they can drive organizational success and enable innovation efforts. Continually learn to stay relevant and adapt your skill sets as circumstances change. Try our Learnability Quotient (or LQ) a web-based visual assessment to identify
your learning style and provides resources to help you improve your learnability.

To indicate your readiness to lead a digital workforce transformation, try our DigiQuotient. As new technologies and innovations are changing the Future of Work – your DigiQuotient reflects your desire and ability to grow and lead within this ever changing digital landscape. You will receive guidance on how to leverage your strengths
and recognize and mitigate derailing behaviours.

Mixing roles, skill sets and work in teams can flourish your curiosity. It can enable you to develop yourself to investigate new ideas, roles, skills, technologies and methods. To accelerate your digital era career, ManpowerGroup career coaches can provide you with the insights and training opportunities you need to ensure that your skills are in demand.

We leverage our deep understanding of the global job market and world of work trends to match you to a career.

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