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Increasing demand for Cyber Security Talents in Malaysia

18 September 2020
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Increasing demand for Cyber Security Talents in Malaysia

The threat of cyber-attacks has become prominent as the Digital Economy comes to the fore around the world. CYBER SECURITY is a major challenge for most companies, and in Malaysia, with over 98% belonging to the group of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it is a definite concern to protect devices, data and networks in cyberspace. 

“84% of Malaysian SMEs were victims of cyber incidents in the past year. This speaks volumes of increasing concern among companies, regulators and industry observers”.

With threats becoming ever more complex, the need for expertise in cyber-security has risen exponentially. Developing talent — in cyber-security and other industries is something that the recent 2020 budget has also urged prioritizing — Malaysia needs to train 10,500 cyber-security specialists by 2020.

When it comes to potential in the cyber-security industry, Malaysia is one of the best ranking countries in the ASEAN region that are expected to contribute 75% of cyber-security services market share by 2025.Here are the details:

  • TOP 10% of job opportunities in Malaysia is related to cyber-security

  • 21% of women are Malaysian cyber-security workforce

  • USD 632.6M estimated value of Malaysia’s overall security services market in 2021

Given the growing position of the modern economy and its the commitments to the Information and Communications Technology industry as a whole and to the Malaysian economy, local businesses should not only hope that they will not be hacked, but should be vigilant in ensuring that their IT infrastructures are safeguarded at all times.

Thus, Malaysia will concentrate on development programs to cultivate the talents of cyber-security, such as encouraging STEM graduates to undertake cyber-security as a profession. The challenge however is to get the right number and quality of cyber security experts. As a global leader in accelerating careers and propelling business growth in IT, we understand the gripes hiring managers and HR staffers face when it comes to hiring tech talent. 

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