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E-commerce is Fueling the Demand for Skilled Tech-Talent

05 May 2021
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​E-commerce is Fuelling the Demand for Skilled Tech-Talent

As the world has gone increasingly digital due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in demand for jobs that require digital and soft skills and hiring patterns have shifted from focusing on credentials towards skill sets. 

“Malaysia is among the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Southeast Asia, driven by rising Internet and smartphone penetration, growing middle class population and tech-savvy millennials. The fear of virus spreading through cash handling and visiting physical stores amid COVID-19 outbreak has further accelerate this growth, Nikhil Reddy, Banking and Payments Analyst at Global Data

It looks like we’re going to be more reliant on tech in our daily lives, from doctors’ appointments over video call to ordering food via apps at restaurants, which in turn will increase demand for the tech talent who can make these things possible.

What skills are most critical to e-commerce companies?

There are many tech skills supporting the growth of e-commerce. Some of these are:

Web Developer

Every online store comes with a website. The design, aesthetic, and functionality of the website have a huge role to play in how the customer finds the online shopping experience. 

Mobile App Developer

With the rolling out of 5G connectivity in mobile networks, users are beginning to experience a faster and more reliable mobile internet experience – which in turn is giving rise to mobile commerce.

Digital Supply Chain

Ensuring on-time delivery is a key differentiating factor for companies in the e-commerce space. The successful management of extreme market and spiked-demand has, therefore, become the new focus area, optimizing the supply chain management process for these companies and playing a critical role in ensuring efficient and faster delivery models.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven tech is also able to understand consumer behavior and buying patterns. Being able to predict trends accurately will ensure that consumers' needs are better met and provide a more personalized customer experience.


Customer experience has become a huge driving force in e-commerce, and the push towards seamless transactions affects payment processing. Faster, efficient and secure payment options have played a big role in driving the growth of the e-commerce market in recent years.

From a talent perspective, this means that organizations want to invest in people skilled in technologies that drive consumer engagement. Skills like AI, Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics, an understanding of payment technologies/fin-tech and security are fast becoming must-have skills to possess for potential employees.

"Given the skills scarcity in Malaysia, you may want to consider strategies to become a builder of talent".

For those just starting to build the foundation of their ecommerce team, it can be challenging to know where to start. Before moving deeper into the hiring process, you must first explore the roles that make up a successful ecommerce team.

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