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Gaming into Work: Adding Gaming Skills to CVs Can Overcome Experience Gaps & Even Help Differentiate Candidates

10 January 2022
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Gaming into Work: Adding Gaming Skills to CVs Can Overcome Experience Gaps & Even Help Differentiate Candidates

This pandemic crisis has accelerated demand too for soft skills like collaboration, communication and the ability to learn and gaming can help fill these skills gaps.

Then, why can't we put our gaming victories and achievements on our CVs?

Businesses are waking up to the skills gamers can bring to the workplace. And it isn't just about gaming, software development, or animations as a career path. The scope of game experience is much bigger.

Employers and candidates who recognize the real-world applications of gaming have an opportunity to bring valuable skills to workplaces that need skilled talent Game on.

It's all about how you can make it relevant to the job you're applying for, or how you can make yourself more appealing as a candidate.

Connectivity is such an essential part of gaming. You now enter a buddy's game and discover that they are already midway through. You conduct real-time conversations with them, have team plans, meet new people, and build key social and teamwork skills.

Multitasking. Almost every game contains numerous conflicting triggers and narratives at the same time, forcing players to learn how to shift from one task to another without losing their place in the game. What might be a greater way to prepare for the multitasking that is necessary in a busy office?

Patience. Gaming allows players to practice patience in a number of ways, either waiting their turn or striving to rank up. Players may be on the edge of a big victory, but they must first overcome the hurdle in front of them, teaching them the value of hard work. Patience and perseverance in the face of adversity are essential components of professional and personal success. 

What other soft skills does gaming give you?

  • Improved critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Complex problem - solving skills

  • Skill of continues learning

  • Concentration

So, the next time you or your kids enjoy a favorite game on the nights or over the weekends, don’t think of it as wasted time. You may just be developing the skills you need to be a future-ready talent!

So, are you a gamer too? 

To assist gamers in understanding how their gaming skills are transferable to careers, ManpowerGroup has developed a free Gaming Skills Translator quiz to find out which skills you are building.

Want to level up your gaming skillset and turn it into a career? To kick-start, your ultimate gamer journey, visit our Job Portal.


Posted by:

Yoga Kumari Sankar- Marketing & Commercial Executive

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