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Soft skills are Hotter than Technical Skills

12 January 2022
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Soft Skills are Hotter than Technical Skills

For the fifth consecutive year in 2021, ManpowerGroup is the official Gold HR Partner at Viva Techto support start-ups and accelerate tech adoption.

As part of this unmissable event, we acknowledged that technology has transformed the way organizations operate, so qualifications and technical skills alone no longer had guarantee continued career success for IT professionals.

You can learn all of the technical expertise you need, but without the necessary soft skills, you may not be able to succeed in tech.

This is because technology skills are no longer highly centered in IT; they need to be “marbled” across organizational functions and businesses and coupled with soft skills to achieve transformation success.

From in-demand roles at NASA to cyber experts and developers –soft skills and the ability to learn is more important now than ever before.

Curiosity, a desire to learn and fast decision making is key as people augment machines and can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

You might be thinking that there are too many soft skills out there and how can you know which ones are the most important for a tech talent to have?

Our recent research Skills Revolution 2.0finds that soft skills, like communication, time management, adaptability, analytical thinking, initiative-taking and empathy, are highly valued and sought after by employers than ever before and are the backbone of success.

You must have communication skills

In the IT world, this is particularly important as it will help you to better communicate the business value of technical projects to key non-technical stakeholders, making it easier to get buy-in and support from them.

Time Management

The IT department is simultaneously dealing with business development, product development, maintenance, customer service, and solving problems company wide.

To succeed, one must be able to balance regular day-to-day responsibilities with being ready for the unforeseen, whether it be a system crash, an error, or hardware failure.


The willingness to accept setbacks or unforeseen problems calmly is an important part of being a pivotal member of any organization.

To keep up with a market that is constantly changing and evolving, working in tech necessitates the ability to accept and respond to changes.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Computers can generate big data. Spreadsheets can help analyze numbers. Machines can help automate responses and generate outcomes.

But at the end of the day, humans are still needed to see the big picture, communicate effectively, incorporate data, feedback and insights to solve problems and make sound decisions.

When there isn’t always a clear road map, the ability to think holistically and consider long-term implications is essential.


As collaboration rises to the top of IT employers' must-have skills priority list, "lone-wolf" coders may have a difficult time finding work.

Previously coding was weighed among the most critical skills. In recent times, however, leaders have discovered that software development projects are best handled in groups.


Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs would not have come up with their pioneering inventions and revolutionary ideas if they hadn't been creative.

Even if you don't desire to become the next Bill Gates, your tech career will almost certainly demand you to think of new ways to improve processes or products, as well as assisting co-workers in finding creative solutions to their technological challenges.

Developing your soft skills has become just as crucial as developing your technical skills. Certainly, IT employers want employees who are experts in their field, but they also want people who can dive right in and blend in with their existing team.

Soft skills are what empower certain developers to distinguish in a continuously changing market with intense demand.

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Posted by:

Yoga Kumari Sankar- Marketing & Commercial Executive

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